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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Library Fuss

Hey. Late night post! I intend to do a bit of reading, but after a really nice hot shower, I became so lazy. Haha...

Today, I was so in a giddy mode. I was at work early in the morning, and I feel like I was injected with a happy-liquid-moment-medication! It was fun at work. It was like in a la la la land! Then, (to my surprise as well!), right after work I went straight to college, to the library to get all the related books for my thesis. Before all the books in the library to be snatched away by others!! I don't really want to risk that, do I? ;)

I spent about an hour a half over there, just to realized that there were so many guys in my college! It was like, swarming with many many life-being called, boys! I never realized this before until when I was in the library, all spots, basically all chairs, are occupied with this creature! Only few places where you can see long hair and pink clothes, or maybe faces with make ups and curled lashes. :) The rest are all boys! (Note - not that I was amazed that I forgot the main reason I was there! Haha...).

In fact, I was literally, SCARED! I was cautious. Every time I walked past the book shelves holding my little notebook with the list of books I required, there will be eyes... following my pace. It was horrifying. I thought I was imagining things, (as I am very aware of my super-power!! ;) ) but this time, I know I wasn't because I can in fact heard a conversation being paused! PAUSED. And the eyes...!!! It's horrifying!! Honestly.

But then again, I was from work. Perhaps the smells that is on me, (since I work in LUSH, so you might know how it is if there's LUSH anywhere near you! :) ) lingering around when I walked passed them! ;) Haha... Probably.

Okay. That's it for tonight I think. I'm so tired. Oh, by the way... I got home with 4 huge books with me! :)

So, I guess, speak soon? ;) Good night! *twirl*

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Daddy Papersurfer on January 19, 2010 at 6:07 PM said...

You smell!!!!?! ...... oh dear me .... and good luck with the thesis ..... I remember doing mine ..... a long long time ago ......


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