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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monstrous Thought

Ever since I know how to interact and communicate with people, there is something that never fails to amuse me - people's behaviour. Yes, there is a group of people who is kind and nice to others. And of course, there is another group, which gathers the opposites. As many other things in life, there is also a group of the in-betweens.

As in for me, I could never understand the mean people. :( The one who is so mean to others - who talks or speaks without boundaries, don't care what people think and never think, at least for a second of what they will say will probably is inappropriate. But then again, I got to learn that these people probably is the most insecure person one could ever imagine! ;) That explains the insensitivity and non-tolerance towards another human being.

It's a pity, eh? They might have hurt so many kind and nice people out there, but hey... these people are fine. They always bounce back, since they are kind and nice people. But the mean people? It's quite a crisis! They better know how to stop quickly before they become a monster with no friends! ;)

Food for thought from b4by on Sunday!

Happy weekends, everyone!!!


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