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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hi all! I am back!!! ;) Well, I have some updates!

Let's see. One thing for sure, I still hate mosquitoes. I do. They seems to be so aggressive and won't ever give up! I hate them. :(

Then, oh. Next one. Now, it's a fasting month. Ramadhan, where all of us fasting for a month then there is Syawal, the celebration. It's been a while I have not been fasting and break-fast with my whole family since I was away for four years!!! It has been so much fun even though I must admit I felt a bit weak day by day!!! The weather over here is so humid and too hot that makes you feel so exhausted and tired. But it is fine on weekdays since I am in the office the whole day!
Oh, speaking about being in the office, work is madness!!! I have been so busy and it's unbelievably tiring and stressed me out so much! I have to meet unreasonable tight deadlines and I nearly cried. So much of being a crybaby eh? ;)

Well, I think that is it at the moment. I do not have any more news to share. But if I do, I will blog about it soon! ;) So, until then. Tata for now folks. xxx

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