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Friday, May 4, 2012

Jump Links Trouble

I might become a zombie soon if I never get my beauty sleep anytime near future.

I have been wide awake all night just to install that little tiny weeny bird that simply said "tweet this" and of course with a major failure! See. I managed to do that, or at least I thought I did. But for some reason, because there is this option of  "Read More" for each of my posts (which, I have studied throughout the night and figured out that they called it 'jump-links'???) , they decided to make it harder for me. I have been trying all my best that I had to tweak the HTML codes here and there but still, to no avail! *crying*

But hey, but at least this silly little girl still managed to put in a few icons! Unfortunately, I am still figuring out how to make those pretty little icons be visible when I am in each post. It is just so torturing to not know how to do it, especially when I came to think of it, of how small the matter is!

 Food for thought; all the small things matter. They do.

Photo credit: PICTURES Funny 16
Say, a girlfriend who is always has to cope up with the boyfriend's mini-tantrum, but up to a certain point, she will give up and leave the boy, for sure!

And... that goes the end of the post for now. *twirl*

I'm heading for a nap for a short while.

Take care.

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