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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sparks of Surprises, No?

So, here I am again. Sweating like a pig. Inside the house.

The weather has been so weird lately. At one time it is too hot outside and while you are sweating inside the house, gulping many glasses of iced cold water just to cool you down, (but to no avail, obviously!). Then, out of sudden, it will be pitched dark outside and heavy rain struck! Oh, and don't forget the ferocious thunders that comes along!
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But still, you'll be drenched with unquestionably sweat, of course. Again.

Predictable. That is what it is when it comes to the weather in Malaysia, lately. I presume, by chance, any of us can become that pretty lady who is on telly reporting the weather news, say, if it is going to be like this for the next few weeks, huh? No more reports or previous studies of the clouds and winds, to determine how is the weather going to be, yeah? Just a list of predictions of many predictable events. That is all it takes.

How would that be then? To know of what are the things that are going to happen in the near future without having the need to worry of the unexpected events? Would it be fun or would it be the other way round? If you get to choose either or, will you choose to know or not knowing?
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Some people said, surprises are good. It brings the sparks of joy to any news. And the sparks that made it special in some exquisite way. But then again, what if the surprises are the one that will bring you down? The one that will make you sad and your appetite gone in just a nano second?

Well, for me, I'll choose the conventional way. I would want to have some surprises in my life ~ be it the good news or the bad ones. Even if I will be given a second chance to answer that, I'll still stick to my answer, undoubtedly. So, what about you? Surprises or no surprises? Surprise me with your choice! Haha...

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