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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Can I Write On Hedonism?

Hey all.

It's a group assignment and we have agreed to do this paper on Hedonism. Truthfully, genuinely, honestly... I have not been exposed to this eight letter words, H-E-D-O-N-I-S-M up until the gang decided to proceed with this topic. How interesting!

And to the betterment of my understanding (I suppose?), I was given the task to complete the essay on 'what is hedonism' and 'where does it originated from?' How refreshing!

And after few hours spent on the web, I have come across many philosophical websites and articles, and each of the confusing words and sentences are now boggling in my head! Oh, and I have come across this photo while searching on Hedonism online! *grins*

Con­tem­por­ary hedon­ism (Photo by Ametxa via Flickr) via Peter Prevos
Hedonism it is. Oh dear.

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John on August 1, 2012 at 8:02 AM said...

Depending if the subject is something that a person's belief system goes along with or doesn't is key to approaching the topic.

If one finds it attractive, then the benefits of such would follow. If one finds it repulsive, then the negative aspects could be touched on.

Chances are both the pros and cons should be touched on.


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