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Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Am Not A Plastic Bag

Do I still have the chance to get the "Bag"? I have been reading thru' articles about the bag. And, at last it is selling in Brown Thomas. Today. On the very moment! But, now its already 4.10p.m.

Do I still have the chance to buzz thru' thousands of people in Brown Thomas to get the bag? Or, I dont have any chance at all??!! *thinking*

Its a nice bag. At least, its for the environment thingy. Means, instead of having those plastic bags when you buy groceries in Dunnes Stores, or any other places like that, you wont have to carry the plastic bags... Despite of the odd looking plastic bags, it sorts of 'polluting the environment' too!! Like, have you ever seen the plastic when it stucked in a river or something like that... then water cannot go thru and the place get flooded? And, plastics.... well, we cant really recycle them at all! So, you got the point now why I am sooo eager to get the bag? :)

At least, I have innocent-like thinking. Oh, I really want the bag!!! Do you think there are still some left in Brown Thomas??
Please, pleasee!!! Oh, I really hope that there is one for me waiting to be brought back home!! Please, pleaseee!!

Eh, I got to take my shower now!!!
I'm off to Brown Thomas then to get the bag!!! I will let you know the results then, okay?!! Wish me luck!! :)

Tata & cheers!! :)

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Anonymous said...

nice bag! hehe
too bad u tak dpt..hehe


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