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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oh NO!!!!! *sob sob*

I am feeling so blue tonite... :(
I went down to Brown Thomas, but unlucky me... The bag, that I was talking about...its all GONE!

I went inside and I asked the retail assistant, like,
"Where is the bag that was supposed to be sold in here...?"

And, she was like... "Oh, love... Its all GONE since 9.30 am this morning. Everybody was waited outside the door since 8pm last nite... Too bad! I am so sorry, love...."
And she gave me the pity look like, like that is the best thing to comfort me at that mo. I was like...soooo devastated.

So now, here I am. I am too sad to think that I just lose the opportunity to have that bag in my possesion. Darn sad! Truly am.
I was waiting for the bag ever since I got the newsletter from Anya (the designer) website, since I subscribe any latest news about the bag, like where are they launching next, what is it about, comments on the bag and few other stuffs. But now, its all shattered! I  mean, my dreams of having the bag.

I never thought that there will be so many people is as eager as myself to get the bag, though... And, I got the info, that the bag that is to be sold in Brown Thomas will be about 1200 piece, just in Dublin and 100 piece in Galway... (and I cant remember how many else at other few places...), but I thought there will be at least a piece for me to get one, and bring it back home. :(

And, now...its all GONE!

I guess, I talk to you peeps soon! I am too sad to say anything right now. Not in the mood. I am too sad!

'Till then. Tata... :(

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