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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Current Obsession


Current obsession intact! I just can't get my eyes off of
'that thing'

"I want, I want!!!"

It is so in-style, posh looking, expensive and of course... that's what we called a
'fashionista'. *rolling eyes*

It's the
Sony Z610i

It is clearly an 
eye-catcher to anyone, plus with the mirror image created, it simply hard to have someone not to have a second glance on the phone, and of course the owner of the phone will be very impressed by the catch! *wink*

In idle mode, the clamshell looking innocently invisible, but yet when the lights on
(especially when people make calls), it will stylishly lit up the front and the external display suddenly visible, for people to adore the posh phone, by Sony.

What else can we actually demand from the best style-designers?
SONY, known as the most famous brand to opt something obviously rare compared to the like in the market? *impressive sigh*

The phone built-in with
2.0 mega-pixel camera, comes with pre-set for picture-to-web in just a nano seconds with few navigation keys. Cool eh? I thought so. *smile*

Plus, it is also comes with the good storage to
keep in all your favourite music so that you can listen it on the go. I have few friends who owns Sony phones, and based on what I have heard
(reviews from them), it is a good deal!!

"With good looks and awesome personality, who could ever possibly to resist?"

Well, well... now it does not sound like a phone anymore, eh? *chuckles*
Enough of my reviews
(not that I got paid or anything with the review I had... sigh), it is just that I am sooo impressed with the phone, that I could not think of the idea why should not I get one. (Despite of the fact that, if I am getting one of those, I will be all broke right in the beginning of August... lol)

I saw the phone last weekends, and my eyes was glued to the phone for quite some times. What do you think about it? The looks, the contents
(as if the personality, if its a guy...lol), and the affordable price (its not THAT expensive really...*smile*), it surely strucks anyone by the first glance laid on 'em.

Love at first sight!! That is what it is. 
Nyummy, nyummm!! I LOVE!!!

That's all for today, I guess. I will be back with more stuffs to add in! Thanks for stopping by. I got to go to bed now. Long day tomorrow!!

Tata & cheers!! Nitey nites! Mwahsss!! *kiss kiss*

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