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Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Am A Complete Mess!!

I am in a complete mess!! *sigh*

By end of the day at the office today, I was supposed to submit my Cost Plan Stage 3. But, what happened? I cannot finish the task on time. Therefore, I was given an extra time, and I have to submit the Cost Plan together with the report by end of the day, on Friday. (the report itself took about days to finish up. I don't really have an option, don't I?)

It's not that I was not given time by them, but it's just that I thought they are actually putting on too much workload on me. Can you imagine that the work that I am completing now is actually a 3 person job?

I think I am so stressed-up. I could not think straight. I was at my place the whole day today, and including my lunch-time too! I am going

My second fear is, what if the work that is finally completed (soon!), would not satisfy them, and at the end of the day we ought to re-do it all over again?! What if the things that I did is just a folder of things full of crap? I'm really in the dead-end, am I?

This is what actually happened when suddenly you were given too many things to do, then you ought to swirls your mind and for some reason, it always leads you to the NO-NO ones.. (simple English, the negative ones!)

What would you think I should do? In my simple-minded-girl thought, I think I should just go with the flow, and see what it looks like in the end... Everyone makes mistake, so I am not exempted from those, right? *rolling eyes*

I guess, I'll see what comes next... Wish me loads of luck! (I need that... seriously!!!)

Okay, my dinner's ready.
(I cooked! Fried chickens!!)

Take care, and I'll update you with the results soon. (Oh, GOD! Save me!!)

Tata & cheers, peeps! Mwahs!! *hugs*

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