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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Good News, Everyone!!

Everyone wants people to actually go and read their blog, and in some cases, they love to have people to subscribe to their blogs! To gain this, basically is to increase your blog traffic, definitely!

Thanks to Blogskinny, blogger out there will definitely have an option to get people to acknowledge their blog by being sorts of different from the normal-typical kind of thousands or even millions of blogs out there, God knows how many... *rolling eyes*

To captured the audience attention, we can't simply write something, and there you go! Millions of people viewing yours... It's not that simple. Audiences want to be close to the blogger. To have 'the connection' with the blogger, to 'feel connected' to the blogger and yet... they don't really want to read a report. They want to read your blog. In that circumstances, they want to actually know who is the person behind the uniqueness sentences poured over in your blog.

Blogskinny has invented this 
Weather Widget. By having this 
widget in your blog, it will help you to build and maintain the connection.

The readers will feel connected. Even though some of you peeps might be saying, "Yeah right... by having the information as mundane as how the weather is like, it's going to increase the traffic of my blog! Stop talking nonsense!".

NOT A JOKE! Readers love you, and they love to know things and everything happens around you! You are like the idol to them. And, by having this widget of the weather condition of yours, it will definitely helps! Give it a try, and we'll see how it goes from there on! Let me know the result, if its possible! *smile*

Here's the link to the Weather Widget.

Good Luck! *smile encouragingly*

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