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Friday, August 31, 2007

Midweek Nite Out?

Wednesday, such a day! Or, should I say, such a nite? *wondering*

I went to a gig in Ambassador. It's more like a gig rather than a club, with stage and two parts of audiences; Cloakroom and Standing. I might say, it's an indoor hall, with all the equipments needed to make a concert. At least, I thought it's for a bigger gig scene. *giggling*

It was Eagles of Death Metal who's performing. It was class, I should tell you. Even though, from the very beginning when I entered the hall, I was like, "What am I doing in a place like this?!"

It's full of people with studs everywhere; face, eyebrows, nose, ears, tongue (I have mine too!) and all over. And more and more peeps with black shirts, jeans, spikes and stuffs like that. And, what am I wearing? A sheer green, spaghetti strap with a jeans and a denim jacket. I thought I am looking classy than the rest. Or, in any other word, I looked totally out of place. Luckily I just put on my NIKE shoes on. No stilettos or heels anywhere. *wink*

Oh, by the way, I was dragged to the gig by my girlfriend. (Actually, she's working with me in the same company). She just got this ticket and ask me to come along. So, there I was. Without having any single idea like who's playing. *idiotically pose*

Surprisingly, it turned out to be awesome. Totally was. The songs, drum and bass were kind of cool, I must say. Turned out that I ended up jumping, dancing and giggling through the whole time. In short, I had a really good time. Really! *giggling*

At that particular time, my eyes was hooked to this friend of mine. I mean, my friend's friend. He's so adorable, and I was like head over heels. Like, practically drooling! (silently, of course!) He has this bad-boy look, if you know what I mean. With the eyebrow piercing and he is so damn cute! But, yet... at the end of the day, I found out that he's married. Sigh.

But the best bit was, he told me he likes me. Like, he gives me ten out of ten! He was actually hitting on me too! Without I even realized that. Funny eh? But that was it. He's married. End of story.

Why do I have to end up, making all the wrong decisions, moves and what-so-ever that can be ended up as it is. Always did. Always.

But, naturally... he is cute. Like, bad-boy-kinda-cute. Nevermind if he's married, at least he thought that I'm cute, and adorable too! At least, I still got his tiny attention! *wink*

So, there goes my nite at the gig, with a crush on a guy within nano seconds! Tadaaa... *twirl*

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