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Friday, August 31, 2007

Annoyance Attractions

Whoopsies! One little tiny detail was excluded, by mistake. *rolling eyes*

We didn't just went back home right after the gig. I think all of us were getting so tipsy, then we had bar-hoping. (Not really. But actually, it was like bar to club). We drink and talk and giggle and drink, talk, giggle and the routine goes on and on, until we were kicked out of the bar. They're actually closing. (Mind you, the cute-but-married guy wasn't with us anymore, so... I don't have my best needs to stay at that mo'. But, let's just say that I love the company...)

So, we hopped to another club, instead of a bar. We need some refreshments. So, we went to this club. It's called RIRA. We went in, and later on, the music started to blared off! It was so much fun. What I remembered, was... I was having so much FUN! So, with the alcohol-consumed-over-rated... I just cannot think straight. And what I love to do most at that time, is dancing. So, I did. I dance and I just ignored others. Like, I don't really mind other peeps at that time. I'm basically, enjoying myself! Until...

I saw HIM! Nope. Not the married-guy. He's way out of the picture at that time. It was this monstrous-looking-guy-slouching-on-the-couch-do-nothing-but-stare! Somehow, it annoyed me. But, I just kept on ignoring him. I mean, the stare. When, I just don't think I can take it anymore. It's really annoying! Trust me.

So, I walked over. And, when I was in front of him, I was startled. He is actually kind of CUTE, with long messy-yet-notty look, and the face!! I mean, the simply annoying face that the guy has. It attracts! At least, it attracts me.

Then, we talked (after we had like few stupid-idiot-drunken arguments). And, this guy's annoyance seems to attracts me more and more. Really! (Something must have gone wrong with me, but really... I just LOVE Bad Boys!) *drooling*

At the end of the day, I mean, to shorten the story... what we did is we talked, talked and talked. And, somehow we sorts of complete each other. Lol. Even though, most of the times, we argue and we suits each other arguments. That's sweet! Seriously! It's like, Annoyance Attracts! We got really attached to each other. Like, I don't know. Some kind of a magnetism attitude, somehow. It's just, there!

In fact of, asking me to go to bed here and now, like what most of the jerks usually did... he offered me a cup of tea, instead. And, instead of panting to be wanting to be in my pants, he soothed me with good songs and musics, and even with his own (He is a musician, by the way). *chuckles*

Oh yeah, and we were seriously drinking few cups of tea... That's really odd. Like, really....

"Where can you find a guy, who you met in a club, offer you a cup of tea?"

He's just too good to be true, and there he was, sitting on a couch with me and TALK?! (Oh, by the way, as I told you earlier on, HE IS CUTE! Like, he is CUTE!) *wink wink*

That was the most enjoyable moment, treasured... now, then and forever.

That was one of a kind, situation that a girl can have... One in a million, I say. One in a million.

Yup, I still presumed that, what happened between us, was the Annoyance Attractions! *wink & twirl*

2 twirls with baby:

zura on September 5, 2007 at 11:02 PM said...

hey babe? no updates? soo not you!!! :p

shle3pyb4by on September 6, 2007 at 3:37 AM said...

tu aaa pasal. i have something to write now. :) tunggu je okay!


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