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Thursday, September 13, 2007


I met a long lost companion. I can't really say that he is a companion, nor that I can say that he is a friend, nor brother. We were so close before. Not a boyfriend to me, not even a brother at all. He is just HE! (Btw, meeting him, doesn't actually means MEET UP, but more like I found him, and somehow we communicate. Err... I'm too sleepy, I hope you understand the bits I'm saying...?) *triple wink*

We've met in school. We never talked to each other. Until, fate bring us together. We were supposed to be together, but somehow fate brings us apart. It was like last eleven years ago.

Predictably, we were supposed not to be talking to each other anymore, since the parted thingy. But then, we did. We become best of friends.

He was there when I had the most bad, awful, dreadful, annoying days of my life. When I got dumped. When I got terrible marks in my exams. When I just want to explode when I had my PMS thingy. He's always there.

Same goes when I had the most enjoyable, fun, happy days of my life. When I met a new guy. When I got good marks. When I just feel like I am so happy that I want to share it with someone. He's always there.

People always looked at us with amazement. Like, what the hell with this pair, they complete each other's life yet they are not together as any other peeps who looks like them?
It just can't be done. It's too complicated.

I love him, and he loves me and that's it. Full stop.

Then, he got a new girl. A girlfriend of his. Honestly, yeah... I felt a pang of jealousy. I knew it, somehow we will be parted. Dream comes true. His girlfriend hates me. Hate the fact that she's not the only one in his life. There was me. Day by day, we were parted and then there it goes. I'm out of his life.

Years passed. I mean, yeaaaarrrrrsssssssss!! *nodding*

And, somehow fate bring us together again. We met again. I feel relieved. Never thought this will happen. And, more news sprung out! He's engaged! Partly, I am so happy for him. At least, I am happy if he is happy. And yeah, he seems happy. *double wink*
But another side of me, feel undeniably sad. Engaged means, less time to be spent with. I feel awful!

It's not that I like him like I like him. Or I love him like I love him. It's just felt weird! Oh, peeps called it, a platonic feeling, or a platonic relationship. Means, some sort of a love relationship bonding that is so true, so pure and so us! (Find it yourself... but it is called platonic. I am too lazy to google it! Sorry!) *smiling sheepishly*

Oh, when we were still attached before, we once made a deal. A promise to each other. If any of us are not yet married until certain age, we would definitely complete each other's life for life. We would be married to each other, definitely. That's the promise. And that promise, came from both of us. It was hillarious at that time. We were like, laughing hysterically toward the promise, imagining like living with each other for life?! *giggles*

But now, I thought the promise made was quite cool! Don't you think so?! *wink*

And now, here we are again. Together!

He will always be my best man! My boy! My... I don't know. Whatever it is, I am so thankful I found him back again! Can't wait to meet him up and chat and laugh and giggles like old times! He will always be the man who knows me, and he will always be there in my heart!

Thank you, Ben! Mwahsssss!! *kiss kiss*

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