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Friday, September 7, 2007

Salmon & Prawn

I had a date. A dinner date. *smile*

It has been ages since I had not encountered myself into home-cook-dinner-date, but alas I had that last nite.

Maybe it was not a date, and more like a friend come and visiting the other? I don't know. But, to me last nite dinner was SUPERB! I cooked pasta, as if I keep on telling everyone,

"iyo italiana..."

I am Italian. *giggles*

I cooked tagliatelle with salmon and prawn cream sauce! I personally thought, it was nice though. Hahaha....

I honestly don't know like what's really going on with my life right now, like HONESTLY. Lina said, enjoy the single life as long as you can.... Fairy said, I am just being a single girl who's fun and being flirty, all the way... and few of others, saying that keep things in constant and don't ever rush things... EVER!

Basically, each and every part of the sayings, are technically, ermm... kind of right. It's just that, for me myself.. I don't know what would I want in my life!

By the way, I have this weekends off! So, to Zura... hmm, no more partying for me this weekends. I mean, I'm heading to Liverpool and hopefully, like reallyyyy hope that it's going to be good. I really want a good time-off from, I don't know what... Sigh.

Therefore, that STILL leave me with the question,

"What now?"

Whatever things that is going to happen, or has happened... what I really know now is, I think I like that guy! I think... err, yup! He's such an adorable person, but alas... I don't know. Really...

Err... I think I like him!!! *wink & twirl*

4 twirls with baby:

fAirY on September 7, 2007 at 4:36 PM said...

Hope you have a great weekend! XD

I knoe i will ;) We'll do our weekly catch up gossips session after this weekend aite?


zura on September 7, 2007 at 5:08 PM said...

hmm.. babe u sure you're NOT going to be partying in liverpool? hahaha

so u like someone? I love that feeling, just the thought of him make you smile.. kan kan kan kan ? *wink*

okay.. have a superb weekend!! I'm gonna have a very quiet weekend.. been busy the last two weekends.. so I better stay put tomorrow!!

u take care ok?

shle3pyb4by on September 7, 2007 at 8:20 PM said...

fairy; yup! hopefully i will have an enjoyable weekend! sigh. hope so! coz, know what?! i dont even know wht is in Liverpool. speaking of spontaneous, you known me for quite sometimes now.. so i guess u know how i am kann?? hahahaaa.... u too! have a good one! at least, mine started awesomely nice last nite. hahaha... *wink*

zura; hahaha... thats why?! i wouldnt know whts in Liverpool waiting for me plak kan??? *wink*
i think i like someone, but maybe NOT. ntah... but, we had dinner last nite. at my place. was awesome! and i had that butterfly in my tummy, last nite. do you think i like him? *wonder*
enjoy your quiet weekend! hehehe... take care! mwahss!

AdrianC on September 8, 2007 at 8:10 AM said...

heyhey baby! haha well i doread your blog!! :p

anyway yeah singles rocks isnt it? but its just that ive been single for too long now. to be exact i was never in someone's heart(never been loved)! *self-pity*

oh u goin liverpool! make sure to get some picsss! :)


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