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Monday, September 10, 2007

Dublin vs. Liverpool?

Hey peeps! I just came back from Liverpool. Like, hmm... not really 'came back', but more like a day before. I was supposedly to come back to Dublin on Sunday, means... TODAY. Apparently, me and Zain, we decided to come back one day earlier. So, we came back last nite.

It was outrageous. Since we had to took out more money, to overrun the cost of the new flight tickets. Hence, we still bought the 
ticket to get back to Dublin as soon as we can. *giggles*

Liverpool is okay, but somehow, suddenly I feel very grateful to be back. I mean, there is nothing wrong with Liverpool, just that I think... if you are not interested in football or The Beatles, there is nothing much to see at all in Liverpool. I mean, none! Zilch!

The first impression, Liverpool is so quiet! I might say that Dublin is SUPERB, in terms of entertainment! I mean, what the heck is going on if midnite in Liverpool on weekends, is so darn quiet?! In Dublin, even though if it is Monday nights, it will be filled with loads of people in pubs and clubs, and I should say that, it is more lively in here compared to Liverpool. Over there, its just that few pubs (like, two or three maybe), spotted to have peeps in there drinking, but mostly old peeps. Like, where are all the Liverpool'ians? Funny?! I thought so! *giggles*

The second thing is, I hate the Bed & Breakfast we had. I mean, we were supposedly to stay overnight at my friend's place. But, unfortunately we had to find a Bed & Breakfast... last minute deal. It was horrible. I hated everything about the room. Squeaky, scary and all sorts of terrible description could always suit the room. Horrifying!!

The bed, was totally awful!! When I lay myself to sleep, I can even feel the spring come out underneath! Trust me!! The most horrifying moment, trying to sleep on that weirdo bed! The effect; I got back-sore the next day! Oh, and the room costs us £20 per person! Horrible?! Tell me about it!!

However, on the next day, we had a good tour though. We went to the Dock... (which, personally I tend to forget the name of the dock. Idioto me!), get around the whole city (which is, apparently far more bigger than Dublin... more shops, but I prefer Dublin, better!) and eat. Oh yeah, and coffee and cookies time as well! *wink*

There are few piccas I took over there with super-camera, Zain's possesion! Haahaha... Nice piccas I must say. Good quality and full of excitement piccas. However, I didn't have the chance to meet up with Zain and get all the piccas from him, though. I'll post in sometimes soon! No worries! Trust me, you will like the act I put in! I mean, I thought a model producer would be very delightful to have me in any magazines flicks. I think I pose extremely awesome! *giggles*

Well, we didn't go to the stadium anyway. Err... I don't have a valid reason why. But heck with it, who cares. Like, I don't! (But, I have a picca with Gerrard! Look out for that soon! *wink*)

Emm, yeah. It's good to be back in Dublin. Oh, by the way... while I was in Liverpool, I think I might get worst. I mean, my feelings. Something weird happened.

I missed someone while I was in Liverpool. The guy. That one particular person. There was supposed to be nothing. Like, I don't know. But, why the heck should I think about him more and more in Liverpool? I think I'm in love. Do you think so?

Well, that's another reason why I am so glad that I am back. Yayyy!

So good to be so close with him (I mean, in the same country.... Lol. It's not that he is living with me or what-so-ever! It's just good to be back!).

Oh, and so that is basically all about it for now. I mean, that is it! I will post piccas soon! Maybe a few here, and the rest in my Multiply account. I'll post over the link, later on!

Take care peeps! And, Liverpool... I like Dublin better, far more better than you! Hahaha... Cheers!

4 twirls with baby:

zura on September 10, 2007 at 4:54 PM said...

hi babe.. glad you're safely back home.

yelah.. of all interesting places in the UK, you went to the scousers!! memang la tak besttt!!

ha cepat post pics! :p

shle3pyb4by on September 10, 2007 at 8:13 PM said...

zura, hi back! *wink*
yup! horrible Liverpool I must say... Kononnye, saje la nk view the place. And, not worth pulak. Lol.
Piccas coming soon! Have to wait for Zain to send me those. But, no worries. Even tho' Liverpool is not that good, but with me in the piccas, it turned out to be superbly awesome piccas! huhuhu...
Take care! *twirl*

AdrianC on September 11, 2007 at 1:41 AM said...

ure back! haha wow model like picture next update? ehehehe

btw u should LOVE the place u go for vacation!(except if its really that bad) now youre back in Dublin do you miss liverpool? :p

haha btw the stay was awful because of the hotel or because you were not used to it? o.0

take care ya!

shle3pyb4by on September 11, 2007 at 3:20 AM said...

adrian, what was that about the hotel? im not used to it? seriously, it was awful! and i missed my bed so a lot! *sigh*

miss liverpool? nope! surprisingly, nope! hehehe...

yup, yup! model look piccas! maybe it will be posted on wednesday! coming soon! be prepared, coz u'll love the piccas and me in!!

mwahss mwahsss! *twirl*


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