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Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekends Madness

It's Sunday. Night. I had long sleep throughout the day. Was a hectic night for me since Friday night to Saturday night. It was awesome though.

I went out, yes. I did. On Friday. A bit late to go out, supposedly. At 1.30am, I leave the house. I went to a club, with my fella friends. Was good. Had a non-stop party, even in Saturday morning, in a club called White Horse (open from 7am to 1pm). Madness!

Party again until 5pm and felt asleep. Deep sleep on a couch until 9pm. Don't even realized anything, until it's time to go back home. *giggles*

It turned out to be a good weekends, after all! But, despite of all the good things, am still confused with my love-life. Err... if there is any. At one time, I thought that I have one, but on the other hand I thought I have none. I don't know. I don't even want to know what's there and what's not.

What I am looking forward now, is the trip to Frankfurt for one weekend, to party! It will be soon in November! Can't wait for that. That would be a weekend-madness! Truly!!

All of us are looking forward for that trip, surely. I bet it would be loads of madness. Truly, truly madness! What can I do? The fare-tickets are so cheap! Only €30 for return ticket! Like, soooo cheap! Yayyy!!

A month or so to go! I'll be looking for that. Would be far more exciting that what we've done in here, Dublin! I'll update on that when we buy the tickets! And, i'll let you know the details as well!

Now, really got to get some winky rest. Some sleep for more hectic days in the office for this week! Then, I'm through. I have submission this Friday, then off to party again next weekend! Yayyy!! I have to complete my job no matter what, this Friday. Sigh. I can do that. I am surely can! *wink*

Good nite!

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