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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Doodles Days

Many, many days of silent updates from me. I have been so busy with my submission, and other few things... alas, now I have the time to update! Yayyy! *smile*

Well, today I'm home. No office for me. I had a terrible period pain that one can ever imagined! How would that possibly be? Impossible!! I was crying the whole morning on bed, holding my tummy so hard, that somehow it seems that can possibly burst! Outrageous, I supposed! *still am in pain*

So many things happened in these past few days of my absentice from the blog. Really!! Like, unbelievable things to ever been consumed to your tiny mind too!!

I shifted place in the office. To another place. Not another workplace. Just another place, err... maybe best called it as workstation? Yeah. More like it! *smile again* 
A good new place to be at, but less people to talk to. I guess it is good for my working environment eh? What do you think? Hope so!

And, my weekends? It was okay. We went out to Frazers, the usuals, for Friday nite. Quite okay... My friend was playing, as the introduction DJ that night. Tommy. I, personally, kind of like the music he played. I think, it's kind of cute, in a way. *wink* The music. Yeah, I can't really describe how the hell the cute means, but you know when you listened to it. True!

My love-life? Do I have one? I have no idea. If there is, I might say that, it is more or less, there... I don't even know what is going on with it. Like, the person that I like, truly like at this moment, having a big, huge, gigantic crush on, is there... but, he is just there. And, me? I am here. And the feeling inside? It is there too. So, I guess I have a love-life, just that I don't know what's going on with it. As my 'little' butterfly friend, (now, officially, my best friend), told me, let's just see what happen soon. Let it go with the flow of life, we have in our
everyday life. I guess that's better!

(But, I do really like this person! Yeah, him and the butterfly!!!) *twirl and wink*

So, there goes the story of what basically happened in my life for these past few of my absentice days. *wink*

Oh, by the way, we had a Sunday Detox Day Out, last Sunday. It was awesome. We had cakes. Chocolate cakes, mind you?! And huge cookies, with cups and glasses of capucinno and latte! Fabulous! Brilliant in fact!! And 5 hours spending time outside the coffee shop called LEON, it was superb! There was me, Butterfly, Gladys (sorry if it is wrong spelled), and Anna. I thought of doing it again next Sunday, as a must-do-event for each Sunday! We'll see!

Okay, too much to tell now. I'm off to find some food, again!! (to eat and eat and eat!)

I hate PMS!! I hate PMS with the cravings for chocolates, and food, basically all food!! *grumble*

I'll drop in more stuff to spill in soon! 'till then, kisses! *wink, twirl and plant a kiss on the air*

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