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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another Day?

Morning blues. That is what I get whenever Monday peek-a-boos' in the weekdays life of mine. The usuals. Work, and more work in the office. Submission is near the corner. So, more and more things to be completed.

That's one thing about Monday. To get on to the job you're on to, left behind since Friday. To gather it up, pile it all together and to try remember where it was left behind. Torturing, sometimes.

Well, there is something new today, though.I had a fight. Not that big fight that people usually do have. And the fight is with someone, which is I thought is so 
impossible for me to have a fight with. At least, I don't ever have an imagination of having a fight with. Sigh.

It is not, a fight that leads you to feel burns, and angry inside. Instead, the fight made me feel sad and horrible inside. It is a disaster. Totally am!

It is about meeting me, and not meeting me. Wanting to see me and not wanting to see me.

How would you ever felt, when a person, whom you really, really like... telling you that he/she will be meeting you soon, and at the very end of time, he/she cancelled it? And that kind of situation repeated, over and over again? How would you feel? Oh, and plus... it happened on Monday?

I was too devastated. The most used word of the month, "another day...".

It is so horrifyingly, horrible! After for so many times, I freaked out! I screamed my lungs out, I cried (not that the person notice any of those, anyway... phew!), and I am through.

I told this person, "...it's okay. Nevermind. Just forget it! Like, just forget it!!".

At last, I blurted it out. Hung up. And, of course... like in any other chick flicks movie, the girl cried. I cried. Not that I am too sad with the situation. But, I was too angry with the fact that the word "another day", singing in my ear-drum! Like, "shhhhh!!!"

How would it turn out to be? My mobile, singing the tunes lala laa laa la laaaaa... someone's calling me. I ignored. And, more sounds. Ignored again. And more and more and more.... Ignored.

How would it turn out to be, then? I don't know!

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Suzanne on October 3, 2007 at 7:26 PM said...

Hello, I forgotten to tell you that I've done the tag. Just thought you might be interested. xx


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