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Friday, October 19, 2007

Routine of Life?

Routines of life, woke up, shower, long walk to the bus stop (like, reallllllyyyyyy long! about half an hour?), bus trip to Ballsbridge (my office), and another routine in the office, lunch-time, back in office, more stress, sometimes staring at the machine, half five, coming back home, shower, dinner, what-ever-suits-my-mood-to-do-things, sleep... and the routines go on and on and on.

How cliche would a life of a 26 year old girl, single, would be far from the statement above? None. Basically, I think it is about the same. More or less. *wonder*

Sighing and wondering are the best two items I am good at. And of course, the conclusion to that, to pour all-out in here. *wink*

Just that, I thought I might have to think-out-loud about this one. About the things I thought. So, there goes. How possibly could I change all these scenario...? And, I have thought about it too. What if, when I thought that it will be good to have, at least, something to be changed, but later on I will found out that it is better for things to stay as it is? Confusing? I thought so. What do you think?

Anyway, I coloured my hair! *rolling eyes*

Twice! The first time, it went so wrong, like so so wrong! (My picture on the left). I got this really yellowish colour, splotches all over my hair, splotted here and there. The word; scattered! Horrifyingly annoying! When it is all done, I thought I can live with it. At least, try to life with it. But, heck no! Two days after that, I changed it to another one!

It was last Tuesday. At least now, I am happy with the hair colour I have now! *satisfying look*

Maybe I should open a salon? *wink*

Buona notte! Tanti baci! *wink & twirl*

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