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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Text Tantrum

I was in the office today. Back to my little workstation. New place. Was quiet.

Everything was like the usuals. Basically every single little thing as it was, like any normal other day for me until something stabbed me, (imaginarily), in the afternoon!

How would you feel, when someone doesn't really understand what you are saying? Like, you are telling him that the sky is blue, but he, on the other hand was telling you that the TV is on? How peculliar is that? *rolling eyes*

And, the fact that this particular sentence was said to me, I cried... again!

"go... do whatever you want!!"

How can this particular person said the things to me? Like, how dirt am I to him, now? Unbelievable. But that is the fact, in fact, obtained... today. So unbelievable!

And, that is one thing, why, and always be the reason why I don't really fancy texting, compared to phone calls. I received that thru' text, after what I texted earlier on!

And, my oh my... there goes the man I like. Off the peak of life, off the cliff... *jumping off the cliff, periodically*

One thing that really annoys me today, texting! How I wish it could be far more simpler, for him to understand what I really meant, instead of things (I wonder what he really thought, might be something far off from the real meaning... obviously!) that he now thought of!

How bizzare to acknowledge that, things said to be misunderstood could definitely bring you straight to huge disastrous event!

How I wish life would be simpler, and world would be a better place to live...
How I really wish...

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