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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Un Esperimento

I had an unbelievable experiment, on Friday.

It was such a lazy day, of course. It's Friday. And, people just can't wait to go home, and do whatever things they want to do, since it's weekend. And, this week is our last day of holidays for the year, (excluding Christmas, mind you). We will have our Bank Holiday, this coming Monday. Yayyy! (only in Dublin. Yup! And to Sylvie, if you read this, it will be so much difference to me, since you know how I hated Monday so so much! *wink*)

So, I was lazying around too! Not that I put my head on the table, and made the awful, most awful faces all the time. (Imaginarily, YES!) But, I was just staring at the computer, and pretend to be busy. *chuckles* No, no. Not pretending, it's just that I don't really have the passion to do any work! (Do I really have a time, that I really have the passion do do work? I don't think so! And, I don't think anyone does! *giggles*)

Well, the main point here is... I thought about an experiment! I was looking on my table... (Neat, as always! *wink*), then I saw a pack of POLO mints, tube. Yup. I always had mints, sweets or something alike, to help me to stay awake at some point when I couldn't bear the sleepyhead I have since I was born! *wink*

Then, I suddenly realized. I should do this! There is always an advertisement about this mint, that POLO mints with a hole in it, is super-strong! I took one, and I popped in my mouth. I tried to bite 'em, and yup! It's very strong, that I had to bite harder, and klukkk, klukkk and klukkk! I made it.

Then I thought, another thoughts. Maybe it is so strong, that if I throw it to the wall, or to the floor, it wouldn't break? *wondering hard, looking like a scientist now... maybe Einstein?*

On my way back home, I grab my POLO mints tube, took one from it, and looked around. So that, no one could see what I'm trying to do. (I was walking home with a colleague from the office. Yup. I told him about my intention for this small experiment! And, yes of course. He laughed at me!)

So, I throw it to the floor!

It doesn't break!! (I knew it!). Then, a colleague of mine took one, and throw it to the floor. It broke into pieces. (No way!!). I am not too satisfied with that. I took another one, and throw it to the wall. It doesn't break. (Yayyy!). And then, my colleague took another one, and throw it to the wall. It broke, scattered (again...), into small pieces. So, it is not that strong. *sigh*

I thought the momentum, of the POLO mints that made 'em not break into pieces. Plus, it is a strong holey-mints. But, then again... I think I don't have that much 'power' of my little arms, to give a good momentum for it to land on the wall/floor to get scattered into pieces.

So, POLO mints is not so strong, afterall! *wink*

Maybe I will think of other experiments, after this. Next Friday, for the next experiment ahead! Yayyyy to Professor Baby! *twirl*

P/S: It's windy tonite, looks like the autumn is really here now. Sigh. Oh, and I am all alone in my room, in my house, and it's Halloween Night... *scary*
And, Happy Halloween people!!

And (again...), don't forget to vote for me! Again!!!

2 twirls with baby:

Daddy Papersurfer on October 28, 2007 at 4:10 PM said...

That sounds like a very scientific experiment - well done!

shle3pyb4by on October 29, 2007 at 4:40 AM said...


thank you, daddy! *smile graciously*

i will post more experiments, later on!! and i will definitely let you know about it!! *clapping hands*

P/S: we will definitely miss you loads and loads!! take care! *wink & small twirl*


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