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Monday, October 1, 2007

When Sanity Takes Control

It's already Sunday! Too many things, unbelievably things happened this week! Which, is too many to consumed, in the brain of mine. Little tiny brain of mine.

Luckily, am back to work tomorrow. For the first time, I am so eager to go to work tomorrow to finish up my work. My long-time-consuming work, which was supposed to be done last week. At last, back to my sane mind again. Phew!

This many, many things, somehow made me think. That there are few people in this world gifted with lack of sanity and capable mind, the mind of sane human to actually think what is right and what's NOT! Luckily, I am the other group of people, the sane ones! At least, I think I don't do stupid things to annoy people and crack their brains of their heads!

It will be a long day at work tomorrow and the day after, and after and after, until the next weekend. But, I think I can cope with one hell of a week, to wait for the next satisfyingly (hopefully) weekends!

So, 'till I am back tomorrow with few crappy stuff to write in about my topsy turvy life, I will put a dot to this entry, at this very second.

Good nite, and kisses for now! Ciao, ciao! *wink*

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