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Friday, November 30, 2007

Bonjour - Paris 2007

At last! I am here to scribble few things. Basically, about my vacations with my mummy and baby sister. *wink*

For some reasons, I have not been able to constantly fueling my dearest lovable ones! Truly am sorry! And of course, I have not got the chance to print out my avatar and sent it over yet. I'll make sure I will get it done by Saturday! Click here to know more about what I am talking about... *smiling secretively*

Well, we went to Paris and Madrid. We went on Tuesday, despite of the original plan to leave on Monday. First, we headed to Paris, the city of love. First day, was dreadful! Was gloomy and raining the whole evening. Even the Eiffel Tower looked horrendous! *sad sad sad*

But things changed on the second day. It was lovely, in fact the weather really put up an effect to out pictures. Blue sky, sunny days (even tho' I shall say, it was a bit colder tho'.) We took loads of picture, and we walked almost to each and every part of the city. But, there was a bit nasty thing about it. Paris's public transportation was actually having a strike!! Most of all the trains and buses are not 'functioning' as it is. So, we chose to walk instead of waiting with thousands of people at the stations. *we got really really worn out*

And of course, Paris being a Paris itself, we went shopping! And basically we shop for perfumes! Me, myself... I even got three for myself! *wink*

We went up to the famous Eiffel Tower, and the view up there was magnificent! I like it so much! By looking at the scenery up there, and the strategic location of all location, I wonder how many people has proposed up there?! *giggling* It was such a romantic event!! To get proposed up in the Eiffel Tower! *in awe*

Oh, by the way, Mona Lisa said hi! *giggling*

We went to Musee de Louvre. It was a huge, gigantic size of museum. And there is where Mona Lisa painting is stored. There were guards everywhere. Guarding the lady of love. At first, I thought it would be a very big painting. But, it is less than expected! But, we were having so much fun, walking and looking at each paintings and carvings, including the ceilings painting in that museum. And of course, we didn't even have the chance to go through all the areas in the museum. It was too big to cover!

We didn't go many places. But, we enjoy walking here and there around the city itself, as the weather is really, truly am fantastic! Unbelievable!!

Here are few pics in Paris, and click here if you want to see more! I'll update soon on my Madrid 2007 vacation! Feel sleepy already! *wink*

Love you all to bits! *kisses and sealed it with a BIG twirl*

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