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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hola - Madrid 2007

I am sitting on my bed, thinking of what should I write about. DaddyP once said, he often thought writing on something else and ended up with something completely different from the original quote. Well, I have the same thing, and I guess most of the bloggers sometimes, do have this kind of feelings too! *wink*

Oh yeah, I will tell you bits about my trip to Madrid with my mummy and baby sis! *smiling* We took a flight from Paris straight to Madrid. And the flight was supposed to be an early flight. About 8 in the morning, if I am not mistaken. So, we waited at the shuttle service port at 5 in the morning!! Luckily we don't have much trouble getting up in the morning, which I normally have! *giggles*

Shorten the story, we arrived in Madrid sometimes at half past eleven. It was completely different city compared to Paris. As in Paris, the people, the look... are more formal. Looking like Paris. But in Madrid, it was sensational! Not saying one is better than another, as in my opinion both city has its own uniqueness! In Spain, I mean... Madrid, the city looked more laid back. And of course the language, two different thing, obviously! From French to Spanish, we managed to cope... luckily!

So, we tour the city. Of course, for my mom, we went shopping. She made stops at all the shops we passed through. I did complained sometimes, but now I am missing her so so much! :)

And one of the days, we went to the biggest park in Madrid. It's called Retiro Park! It is a huge, really really huge park!! We took loads of picture, and we even fed the birds! It was truly fun, and we definitely enjoy every bits of it! ;) Presumably, it is more meaningful, since I went there with my mum and my sister, part of my life... Was truly enjoyable.

Oh, when we were feeding the birds, two of the birds actually eating my fingers, instead of the bread!! My mum managed to capture the moment, but only to this one particular bird! *giggles*

Have fun viewing the pictures, and click here if you want to see more of my memorable moments in Madrid! Love you all, and to mama if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU! *kisses*

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