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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello From Barcelona!!

Hi to all. Updating from Barcelona. *wink*

I am all good. It is indeed such a beautiful city itself. Gorgeous!! And I hop in the bus tours, going places that I thought I wouldn´t even dare to go there alone, but with the existence of the tour bus that they have, I went to all places!! And, Gaudi... Antonio Gaudi, the famous architect.... his work is magnificent!! I think I am in love with him?!! *another wink*

I am off to another bus tour line. To check other things! Oh, and the shops are open today. So, I think a shopping spree for me, maybe? We´ll see how?!!

I will update more okay? Thank you for those who has been leaving comment and probably voting me in? Million of apology for not replying. I have limitation on time to blog and to be online. So, please do keep in touch! Tata!!! *Spanish twirl??*

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