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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Barcelona - Part One

Hi. Here I am, safe and sound in Dublin back again! *wink* However, I suddenly have the tummy pain back again. Sigh. It was terrible though.

I couldn't even move this morning. Been curling up on bed. And, seriously, I can't move. It was like cramping all over my body. I wonder why it happens again. Later this morning, I called the hospital, and told them what happened. And, they asked me to see what happens tomorrow, and if it's not okay, I will have to come to the hospital again.

Anyway, let's not talk about the sad things, but let's talk about my single vacation to Spain; Barcelona and Valencia. *another wink*

Barcelona, my personal opinion, it was super-nice! I like everything about Barcelona though. Everything is perfect. The weather, the people, the scenario, the whole wide world of Barcelona simply amused me and I am in awe! It was brilliant!!

I checked in the hostel, called Downtown Paraiso Hostel. And it seems to be the exact thing people reviewed in the Hostel World website. It was such an amazing hostel. I didn't seem to find so much trouble finding the hostel. Good direction has been given and it was tremendously awesome!! The people in the hostel are nice too. I have met few from the hostel. Nice people.

After checking in, and put my bag in the room, I abruptly went out to discover the city of Barcelona. I walked and walked and walked. It was on the 26th of December, so Barcelona is a bit low. Less people on the street but still as busy as it can be on a holiday time. I walked along the La Rambla, and loads of people were on the street. Soon, I discovered the Tourist Bus to bring you to the touristic place all around Barcelona. I bought two days ticket, that cost me about €23, and it will cover about 50 places. I think that is cheap!!

So, I hop into the bus, and my journey continues. It has three different routes. However, in December (since it is winter time, and the
day time is less than the night, it only restricted to two routes. These two route are, the Blue Line (South Route) and the Red Line (North Route). I got into the first bus I found, which is the Blue Line. It covers about 23 places; Placa de Catalunya (I hop in from this location), Casa Batllo, La Pedrera, Francesc Macia-Diagonal, Estacio de Sants (train station), Creu Coberta, Placa de Espanya, CaixaForum-Pavello Mies van der Rohe, Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village), MNAC, Anella Olimpica, Fundacio Joan Miro, Teleferic de Montjuic, Miramar-J.Costa Llobera, World Trade Centre, Colom-Museu Maritim, Port Vell, Museu d Historia de Catalunya, Port Olimpic, Platja del Bogatell-Cementiri del Poblenou, Parc de la Ciutadella-Zoo, Pla de Palau, Barri Gotic.

But of course, looking at the long list, and the time that I had left that day, I didn't manage to cover all places. I stopped by in Poble Espanyol. It was awesome. It is also called the Spanish Village. It is a very quite place, showing you how was Spain in the before century. I like it here though.

Then, I made another stop in Teleferic de Montjuic. It was a cable car trip to go up the hill of Montjuic where there is a Castell de Montjuic. The cable car is quite small, and it moved if you made any moves. It was fun though. And from up the hill, you can see the whole barcelona view from the top. Same goes when you were in the cable car. I like being up on the hill! And, at the castle of Montjuic (Castell de Montjuic), I feel like a new-born princess. *wink*

I only managed to have two stops as it was already dark at six. And the tourist bus stop around that time. After back to Plaza Catalunya, I went back to hostel. Met and made few friends in the hostel and we went to find some food! We went to this one restaurant, there are loads of people over there. (Sorry, I can't remember the name of the place - one in La Rambla!). We ordered tapas. Loads of small, small plates dishes. We ordered calamari rings, croquttes and Spanish omelette with shrimps. We didn't noticed until at some point, we saw that everyone was looking at us. Then we come to the comclusion, maybe it was because we ordered the tapas so early, like 7 in the evening, while the Spanish people, actually having their dinner at 10 pm!! Oh, but we guessed we went to the wrong restaurant too! As they served super-cold calamari rings and all the other dishes. And I had trouble eating it. I was expecting something hot! But, I ate of course! As I am so hungry!

Then we made our way, suggesting that we should be having a good stroll, after eating the dinner. So, we did! We walked and walked and walked until we come to this one shop. A tapas shop. But we didn't think of having another dinner, despite we ought to have some desserts! We ordered, and I got myself a nice strawberries and cream! It was yummy! And, we had a jug of sangria as well! The famous Spanish drink!! We got another jug later on, as one of the waiter seems to be attracted to one of my new found friend! :)

After a while, I felt like everything is flying! Then only I knew, it was the sangria. :)

I excused myself, and walked back home. But after 30 minutes walking, I was like, "where the hell I am now, and where is the hostel?!"

I know that I am going nowhere! *another wink* So, I decided to find a taxi! I looked on the street, and the street is as empty as it can be! Purrfect! After a while, I saw one taxi! I hailed the taxi, and told him the address of the hostel. Then, he was asking me again and again, like.... "you sure you want me to send you there?" like too many times, that I actually pissed off!

I said, yes and of course that is the place. I am confirmed about that! Then only he told me this... "It is only two blocks away. You can walk. Are you sure you want me to send you?"

Abruptly, I told him, "yes, of course. And don't worry. I will pay you. Seriously, just send me there!" *giggles* Silly me!

Then, after I got to the hostel, I went straight to the bed and sleep! It was one hell of a night!

Part two of Barcelona will be continued soon! Kisses!!

Here are some pictures in Barcelona!! Have fun viewing!!

2 twirls with baby:

Daddy Papersurfer on January 3, 2008 at 1:04 AM said...

Glad you didn't get lost(ish) ... abd hope your stomach settles down. Too much excitement for one so young.
*slow twirl and slight stagger*

shle3pyb4by on January 3, 2008 at 1:41 AM said...

hi daddy! yup!but the sangria part, i just went mad! :) like, everything looked the same to me. hahaha.... too much excitement. in fact, i think i kind of like the idea of travelling!! ;) *slow twirl*


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