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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Barcelona - Part Two

I woke up with a terrible headache one could ever imagine! It was horrible. The sangria effect!!I woke up at 9 pm, and I washed up and ready to go again. I walked along La Rambla, and I went straight to the tourist bus stop. I hop in the bus, and my journey begin.

I hop in to the Red Line, which is the North Route. It covered Paca de Catalunya, Casa Batllo (I like this place!!! It's tremendous design, amused me so much!! No straight line at all in the whole house, including the door... Not one single straight line!! Awesome!!), La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia, Gracia, Parc Guell, Tramvia Blsu - Tibidabo, Sarria, Monsetir de Pedralbes, Palau Reial, Futbol Club Barcelona, Francess Macia - Diagonal and MACBA - CCCB.

However, due to time consuming, I only managed to stop at few stops. I went to Casa Batllo, and I spent like 2 hours in the house. It is magnificent! The design amused me. As I said earlier, no straight lines ever found on the design. I like it so much. Gaudi (the Architect for this building, is simply great!!). All the design can actually blend in with the present designs. To me, I think it is more like a modern art design... that is too impossible to be ever recognised during his time, but he did it!! Heard that during his time, many people was actually mocking him as they can't actually accept the weird design that now we called it absract. But, he went with it, anyway.

Then, I made aother stop at La Pedrera, which is not too far from Casa Batllo. However, the queue was too long, and I decided not to go in. So, I went to the bus stop and hop in to another bus. I made my next stop at Sagrada Familia. The queue was too long too. So, I spent the day admiring another Gaudi's design. It is beautiful! It was started built right before 1930 (I couldn't get the exact year of when they started to build it, but then again it is not yet finish, and is due to finish in 2020.

As I didn't realized, the day has come to end. It was nearly pitch dark, and I decided to call it a day. I hop in to the next bus arriving, and I went back to Placa de Catalunya. I made a stroll and just by looking at tremendous huge amount of people in the street, simply amused me! It was like, probably thousands of people on the La Rambla street!

I was hungry, so I thought I would be better off to find myself a good meal. So, not to have the same cold-serving dish anymore, I rather not give it another try. I found a KFC (Kentucky Friend Chicken), and I went in and get my dinner. It was nice. Anyway, what could be wrong with KFC? They never serve cold food as far as I could ever remember! :)

I made my way back to my hostel, and it has been a very early night for me. I hit the sack at 10 pm.

Third day for me in Barcelona was even better. I woke up very early, at 9 am. Today is the last day for me to venture the city of Barcelona. There are few places that I thought that I should visit. First, I went to Museu de l' Erotica. It is in fact, an erotic museum. I went in, and at the entrance of the museum, I found the biggest penis I have ever seen!!! :) Then, there were the pictures, drawings of how the people before century, potrayed sex and make love. It was hillarious in a way to me, though. Then, there was also the 'satisfactio chair', at least that was it called. It is like, the chair, used by these people to gain sex satifaction. I wonder how, as I saw that basically it was made with basically steel!!! It must have been HURT! Probably, hurt to a better satisfaction? I have no idea!!

There was also a miniature, figurine of wooden dildos, kamasutra position (some of the position, had me thinking like, how can one possibly act the way as it shows?! It was obviously different, and to tell you the truth, I don't think I managed to do that!! *giggles*). And also, were few Japanese figurine, showing how the people made love, and I found it more or less, the same as the Kamastura position, including few of the difficult ones! I wonder...

Oh, and about the wooden dildos, God!! It is impossible to have a wooden dildos ever! Like, what did they thought about before they made one?!

After the short visit to the Muse de l' Erotica, I made my way to L'Aquarium. It was told to be one of the best aquarium in Europe. I went in there, with quite expensive charge. But, I went in anyway. As I thought, now I am in Barcelona, so why not?

Was fun! Saw many fishes, and Mr. Octopus. And of course, Mr. Shark! It was nice, but an auarium is always an aquarium to me. So, there I was. I spent quite sometimes in the L'Aquarium itself. I had so much fun with the underwater world!! I like.

Next, I thought of having a serious stroll to the heart of Barcelona. I went to the shopping 'district' that is surrounding Placa de Cataluya. Too many shops. Shops are everywhere. So, I went in few of the shops. Thinking of giving myself some treat! I went to Zara, MNG (as they told me it was way cheaper here, compared to Dublin - but I don't think so. Just a slight difference. And that was it!) and also Bershka! I bought few things, for me, for mama, and of course for my sister! I am a good sister, so why not? *giggles*

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