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Monday, January 14, 2008

A Small Shit - Piccolo Merda

I just got back from the night out starting on Friday. It was a hectic night, filled with fun, pleasure, joy, excitement, adrenaline rush, disastrous moment ever for me, a wind of scare and the paranoia event.

It has been a very one and only experience for me though. But basically, I am enjoying it as it is a night out with my fellow, dear friends and crush. *giggles*

Which explained, that include happy moment, high adrenaline rush, sexy tempo and of course fights of here and there. All of those, explained the paranoia session; whether it was me or them. Cannot be precised on this one, though. It's magnificently abstract with colourful odd patterns.

However, my mission to find a good boy out there to flirt with turned out to be failed, with flying colours!!! *giggles*

Aah, yes. There are few guys who's been flirting with me though, but it's more like sex attractions!! How can it happened like that?! When the idiotism conquers your mind, then it will be magically presented.

There are two weird guys in the action, anyway. Two guys in the same club.

First, it started with a normal conversation, like who are you, and generally stuff usually said in a first met conversation. Then... "I am so attracted to you, as you are so attractive." And at the very end, ushering his lips to gain a kiss! Hahaha... not a chance, and of course, he walked away and became too pissed. **** off!! I am not a cheapo!

Second guy, was dancing on the dance floor. Fine. Everything is okay, and he is a very cute guy. I might fall for him but not until he suddenly became the most Octopus guy I have ever met!! What is that with a carressing here and there, all over my body? A big shit!! Piccolo merda!!!

So, we went back to another friends house for the after party. It was really good. And the worst good of all was, when my crush, the one that is actually my 'best friend' now, so we got something steamy going on that particular night (Saturday daytime. Mind you, I didn't get any sleep. Was just like, maybe approximately 2 hours? And it was only on the couch!).

Oh, okay. The one steamy thing going on with my crush, I don't know. Probably we got carried away, and no, no. It's nothing like having sex or what not. It's more like, I think we are more like flirting with each other? The booze really  got us. We got like so attached, and him being a bit paranoia (blame the booze again!), and me too, and him getting so close into some fight, finding me to get the comfy-ness, so everything was like, I am the one, the only one whom he can trust, and he can love. *giggles*

Was the very good few hours moment with him. It was simple unexplicable! But, I guess we both know that it was the best bit of all the long hours. Love the moment to bits!

We ended up relaxing, nearly snooze on the couch, while everyone's dancing! Was a good bit, was really good bit!

However, on another story, I think I made a new conclusion now. Not to trust anyone, but just trust yourself, no matter how kind the person is to you. No matter what. (No, it's not about my new 'best friend', but another good friend of mind, supposedly. But, now... I think not anymore).

How can you react, if your good friend, who knows that you have a huge, gigantic crush over this one person, and she can simply, actually, not believing the truth, she's actually FLIRTING with him!! It is one worst thing ever a friend could do to another friend. It's impossibly acceptable!! Even the guy was feeling a bit weird, and keep on telling her to tranquila!
How can you react if out of nowhere, she went and hugging the guy, and sitting on his lap?! I just don't know what was the reason. To say that she was out of it, it is impossible. Because everytime when she went to the guy, she looked at me right on my eyes. What is that for? It's madness. I can't cope with this anymore. Maybe for me better to be away.

But the main thing is, even though it become a bit shit out of the whole situation, I had fun, at least. I had my moment, and I believed that it's both sides. And, I am happy with it.

Oh and of course, despite of the best bit, it ended up nastily. Went back at 7.30 in the morning, today. Took a cab with him, and back to my place, whilst he took the same cab to his house. Ended up, weirdly. Really, really weird.

But I ended up went straight to bed, as things are really really weird, I felt. Woke p at 4 this evening, and I am back to my senses. got some food from the shop, and I am all back to normal now.

Therefore, that is the wrap up of the whole situation this weekend and how it went. I guess that explained my absentism for these few days. I am off to sleep now as I have to go to work tomorrow. Sigh. So, talk to you people soon!

Perhaps, let me know what you think of my crazy weekend! Lots of kisses to everyone! *kisses and more kisses*

2 twirls with baby:

Daddy Papersurfer on January 14, 2008 at 10:46 PM said...

Oh the wine!! the wine!...... sounds like fun ........... probably

shle3pyb4by on January 15, 2008 at 6:32 AM said...

the expensive wine! of course! :)
off to bed now.


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