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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Valencia - The City

I made my way to Valencia, the next morning, after the long night date with the Italian guy. It was a last minute attempt, as at first, I didn't got any place to stay in Valencia. But before I went out with the Italian guy, I found an empty hostel. So, I got my place over there.

At first, I thought it was a huge mistakes, to get a hostel right before I met this guy. Means that, I would never had a chance to see him again. It is more or less, like a 'one night stand', in a similar definition.

But, I went anyway. I went to Barcelona Sants, which is the train station in Barcelona. I bought the tickets the day before. The return ticket to Valencia, cost me about €50 plus. It's not so bad I guess. But, the trip on a train without enough sleep (I sleep for about an hour before I rushed to the train station, after meeting that guy), it was a total disaster. Plus, there were few babies in the coach, crying like it is the end of the world! It is surely give me perfect headache!

It took about 3 hours to reach Valencia, and the babies cry, accompanied me all the way through. *giggles* I sleep half of the journey.

At 3.15 pm, the train arrived, and carrying my backpack, I walked about half an hour to the hostel. It was torturing. But, the tiredness paid after I found the hostel. It was such a cheap hostel, but inside it was awesome!! Quite nice, actually. I went to my room, (was empty, as no one check-in yet), and cleaning up, and I went out to venture the city. I walked for few hours, and decided to take my dinner at 7 pm. Of course it was very difficult to find food to eat at this hour, as the restaurant starts dinner at 10 pm. So, I decided to get something from McDonalds. So, I did.

I went back straight to the hostel, and I had an early night. I sleep at 10 pm. (The time when the Spanish eat their dinner! How funny I was?).

Next day, I started the day early. I got out from the hostel at 9 am. Went to the nearest bakery, and bought myself a cup of hot chocolate, and a croissant. I found out that hot chocolate in Spain, is so thick! Its like a half melt chocolate bar! Really really thick!! But, I enjoyed it so much! Got myself comfortable in a park nearby (not really a park, more or less like a seating with few plantings), and enjoying my breakfast! After a while, I went to the tourist bus stop. Waited for few minutes and the bus came.

It is not as many as the Barcelona bus stops. Valencia only has about 12 stops altogether. I went in, anyway. It costs me about €12 for 24 hours. (Barcelona ticket; I bought for 2 days which cost me about €23).

I only made few stops. I stopped at Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencas (The City of Arts and Sciences). It was a very nice buildings all around this area. And it took me about probably, 5 hours in there. I went in thru Umbracle. A garden with magnificent surroundings. Very futuristic. Then, I went straight to the bottom of Umbracle. There was a Titanic museum. All about the gigantnic ship. The history of it. I didn't have any pictures of it, since we can't take pictures at all! I spent about 1 hour in that majestic museum.

Then, I strolled along the side, amused by the nice, design building which shows the futuristic of Valencia, up to the modernism art. I made my way to the Palacio de las Principe Felipe. A science museum. Similar to the Titanic show, no pictures to be taken. About, nearly 2 hours I was inside the museum.

Then, I made my way to L'Oceanographic. More or less, it's like the L'Aquarium in Barcelona. But here, it divides Artic in one section, Oceans in once section and all of other places. It's too huge, and I was too tired. The trip took me about 3 hours, and I was definitely exhausted!

At the end of the day, I went to the bus stop, and waited for the tourist bus to come and I just can't wait to go back to the hostel to relax. It was very tiring.

The bus came after 20 minutes wait. I went back straight to the hostel, and stopping by at a kebab shop. Bought myself a descent dinner, and I went straight to the room. I met a couple from Finland. They were very nice, and I sleep right after I finished packing. As the next day, I am off to Barcelona, then back to Dublin.

Here are some pictures in Valencia! Have fun viewing!!

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