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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Barcelona - The Finale

On the way back to La Rambla, I bought my brothers a Barcelona jerseys for each. Then, as usual, when the night comes, I felt so hungry. I thought of stopping by at McDonalds, but then I saw this famous shop found everywhere in Barcelona. The Pan Company. I thought of giving it a try! So, I went in.

When I was about to order, I saw this guy. He is soooooooo cute. Pretending to read the menu, to order, I felt some butterflies in my tummy. I was nervous. Silly me! So, I ordered. And I took a seat. I was eating, when suddenly I saw him, taking his break and eat at the table in front of me. I was shocked. Actually, I can't really eat. Hahaha...

After a while, his friend came over to him. And, I saw them talking and looking at me. The cute guy, is really cute. I think he is, anyway. His friend, is just okay. So, I just eat. Then suddenly, his friend was asking me, where am I from. And I told his friend (actually him), why not they come and sit with me, instead of having to shout from afar. So, they came. Of course, when this guy is sitting in front of me, I can't barely eat. Before, I was thinking and picturing of having him in front of me, so that we can introduce each other, but now when he is actually in front of me, I went crazy. What I did, of course sipping my drink over and over, even then I should never be drinking fizzy drinks, because of the stomach. (I have no choice, the drink came with the package!).

So, we talked. And later I found out that he is from Italy. An Italian guy. How bizzare! To met an Italian guy in Spain?!!What is this, me and Italian guys? Mama Mia!! *wink*

Then, his friend was suggesting that he should take me out. Oh, mind you. He barely speaks English. As how barely I speaks Italian. So, we make a date. To meet later at 10 pm. I was so excited. Then I went back home.

We met, and at first we decided to go to a club. But then, he brought me, walking all around Barcelona city. We even went to the port. It was nice. We spent the whole night walking and talking. At the end, he sent me back to my hostel, and he gave me a kiss, but somehow I seems to be holding back, as I keep on thinking the other Italian guy I like in Dublin. I felt so wrong. I knew that I like the guy who was kissing me at that time, but then again, I think I like the other guy too much! It was stupid, really. Then there goes the guy. We made a promise to meet each other on the 31st, when I come back from Valencia.

So, that was it. I really really like this guy even though when he kissed, he seems like Mr. Octopus, that suck me, actually more like eating me up! From that point of view, I knew that I made a mistake. As it seems like he likes me too much!

What did I do wrong? To be honest, I didn't do any flirting or any such like to this guy. Nada. Nope! It was plain, simple date. That's it. I wonder why and what made him over the hill! *curious look as I am thinking*

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