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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Willingness or Just A Simple Routine?

It's Saturday. The day starts with gloomy, damp, chilly day... What more can we expect?

I was home last night. Been a very good girl, staying in. I don't feel really well, that put me in the position to stay in. I felt a bit dizzy, and it just pissed me off badly. Like, when I tried to laugh... and my head moves, I feel strange. When I tried to walk, then my head feel more strange. What worst can it be? Is it feverish feeling? Or just a simple, normal headache?
What caused it? I have no idea. Probably, the rainy days just struck my head, and I got this fever? Would that be the reason?
Sipping a mug of coffee, and writing this... I couldn't help but thinking. Why would anyone be so obedient towards something? Will that resulting because of routines, or simply because of affections? Or perhaps, the willingness to do something, is a matter of wanting?
People waiting for a bus in the morning, at the same time... at the bus stop. Would that simply be because of a routine? Or a must, as they need to be at work on time? Or they want to be in the bus, as the affection of being in the same bus every morning is inexplicable? *wink*
Answering a call. Would that be because of affection? Or the urge to answer the phone, as in if it is not answered, more queries to be answered in near future? Would a person do that willingly, or as in to be forced to do so?
How would you know which labels to be known for any of those? It would not simply be precised, on which reason it will falls under. It is all inexplicable. Truly.
The best cure, is not to think on which category it will falls to. That is the best bit of all. As I have been studying before, to think of something absurd, will just simply crack your mind, and will only be messing up your head, and on top of that... you might lose few worthy years of living just to think.
Think about that. I know it is kind of crappy, but somehow there's truth beneath all that. I think so too...
Happy Saturday, everyone. *twirl*

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