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Friday, August 22, 2008

How Criminal Are You?

So it is Thursday. Late night shopping day. But, it wasn't that entertaining for me. I didn't even go to shop, instead after work I went straight back home. Nothing excite me to posses at the moment.

As in now, as usual I am watching the telly as I just had finished my dinner. Not a really healthy dinner for me today. It is only an instant noodle with beef and egg! A spicy soup taste from Thailand, called Tom Yum. It was okay for me, I guess. I am not into heavy meal at the moment. I thought I have put on some weight. Better watch it out before I grow like a ball, instantly!

Most of the nights I will be watching this crime documentary in Discovery Plus channel. It was entertaining, and everytime I watched it, the curiousity in me grows! And somehow, it just bugged me. There are so many criminals out there doing such thing that you can't never thought that it will be done! Unbelievable.

With that thought, I wonder... how would it be if I have a criminal background, without even realizing it? Should I have a go with a criminal background check just to make sure, I am sound and innocent as an wonderful angel? Is there a human, really portray an angel in this nowadays world? I wonder...

No wonder parents nowadays are very worried whenever their daughter is starting to date a new bloke on the street. How would the father be well secure that his daughter is in the right hand? With so many criminal act all around us, it is just too impossible to blame the parents to be so over-protective over their child, especially if it's a girl. Therefore, there will always be a background check session between the father and the new guy, no matter how good the guy is. To be ready is better than to be sorry at the end of the day.

Same goes with the working environment nowadays. Criminal check has been applied, afraid the fact that employing someone with a bad reputation on the criminal lane, will soon brings trouble to the company, no doubt about that.

As I said before, criminal scene, ort shall you called it act, is truly, tremendously horrifying at the moment. No wonder people are being super-cautious over small silly things that appeared to be suspicious. Anything can happen between a nano second, so be it.

Have it a go, and check criminal background, if you feel insecure about someone, or somehow someone's act is a bit peculliar. It might be something beneath the clumsy silly act.

Gosh, I do sound so serious. I guess the documentary has got into me, sadly? Have a good night, everyone. *wink & twirl*

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wani ezryl * on August 23, 2008 at 8:33 PM said...

eh i'm a criminal too. i kill mosquitoes. lots of em (that makes me a mosquito serial killer!!) :P

but on the other side, yah be careful wherever we go and thre's no wrong to be suspicious on someone that we just meet. precautions, ppl ;)


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