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Friday, August 1, 2008



I thought its going to be fine all along, but I was completely wrong!

Aunty Flow is not very nice. 'She' is so unpredictable! 'She' screwed me. One time I become person A, and the other I just become this one jerk, called B. Or maybe sometimes C, then D and E and it just keep on going on... Its pissing me off, as I started to piss off everyone near me. Its sickening!

I would simply snap to whomever is there, and without sense and any solid reason. And worst, I would simply snap to those who are so close to me! And its horrible. It's not really nice, to be honest. NOT.

People would definitely thing I am some kind of a psycho, or a lunatic. A complete lunatic! And to make things more difficult, I will realized that I have not been ME, after few seconds when I said or did something absurd! And feel bad about it, and can't really do nothing about it!

Oh, and I just snapped at one person last night. It was my laptop that is being so 'stupidly incompetent'! Whenever we played a sound, or sometimes when it got worst... whenever the laptop is on, it will make a beep beep sounds. And it is simply annoying, especially when we are listening to tracks or something from the laptop. And this person is just asking me, what is it with the laptop. And I said, it might be the virus inside, and I need to restore the settings. Then... he keeps on asking about it, and somehow... I got easily irritated, and I just snapped!

Telling him to buzz off, and I just scoot away from the scene, and stucked myself to my room, then only I feel like I made a mistake of saying such things! What he did is just asked, and I just snapped, feeling so insecure having the thoughts that he is making fun of me and my stupid laptop! No, no. Sorry, it wasn't me. It was 'her'! The stupid PMS and Aunty Flow thingy!

Good God! I hate being in this position, and I feel stupid, and useless!

I can't wait for 'her' to go away! I hate being me now. Hormones! Somehow, Miss Hormones, you just pissed me off BIG TIME!

2 twirls with baby:

Daddy Papersurfer on August 2, 2008 at 2:41 AM said...

And ere long you will be back to normal - whatever that means .....

shle3pyb4by on August 2, 2008 at 6:35 AM said...

somehow, things are just getting worst. and to be honest, i am tired of everything. really.


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