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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Silent Mind

Hi everyone. It's weekends at last.

It wasn't starting very good this evening. I had a stupid row. Or shall I say, beyond lunatic minds? It's too stupid to even get into such row! It's such a kiddy thingy. But, I can't really portray in words, instead... while I was browsing the net, I found Happy Bunny, and somehow it cheered me up! Here are some which, I thought I ought to say out loud!!

It was beyond absurd! And, seriously... now, I can't stop thinking what is really wrong that he ought to pick up fights? For stupid, silly things?

Good God. I thought I was the one who was having the PMS, and it turns out, it's not just me.

World is seriously, turning upside down.

2 twirls with baby:

Anonymous said...

he he this was fun and esp 'let's keep a note on who pisses us off'. My list is surely gonna be long.:p

shle3pyb4by on August 5, 2008 at 5:07 AM said...

hi scratchbag. haha... i thought so too. but then again, everything from happy bunny is a bit harsh. only few of 'em is funny and tolerable to use. :) glad that you like it!


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