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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Take Me For Granted?

It's Monday. It is a fine Monday to me. The usual Monday. No site visits for me today, means no muddy pool for my boots to be dunked into. Means, fine.

I just have a thought.

What does it means, taking granted? Means taking fully grant of yourself? Would that be mean, or that is simply a way of living at the moment? I took granted of the weekends to relax at home or to spoil myself at the no ending party. That considered as taking granted as well. So, does that means bad? Even though I had that for myself, just for myself?

It so difficult what is right and what is wrong at the moment. It is too hard to analyze as well as to considered which is best and which is not, that soon leads you to a path that no one can even determine what is it. It is the world today, that soon become too difficult to handle. That is what.

I'd say in this new kind of world, people are taught to be bad to keep on living. To survive. Therefore, I'd say taking granted of one innocent life, would not mean anything anymore. But what would the person, the innocent person would feel? Nada? Nothing?

I wouldn't know. Or perhaps, I might know. I might be person at one stage, and I might be the other at another stage. Would it be?

The prey, then at another time, the hunter. I wouldn't know.

Still, the thought keep on lingering on my mind now and then. Taking people for granted. Is that a good thing or a bad thing...? To get whatever things that you want to be fully succeed if to take granted on one person to make it happen, would that be simply wrong and intolerated?

Still no answer. Still couldn't figure it out.

So, take time and think about this. Perhaps, you might have the answer?

Then, that is it the Monday thought for today! Have fun thinking!

Good night!

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