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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Window Blinds, Anyone?

Last week, in the office, we had a lot of things to do in the office. A lot of measurement to be done, as well as pricing. All elements is icluded. The floor finishes, wall finishes that include painting, wall tiles, curtain tracks, and of course all sort of things. It does not exclude the blinds as well. As that is part of the job to be priced.

We have come across a lot of suppliers in order to obtain the price, and this eventually include all the leading manufacturers of most of the products. It is so much fun sometimes to ring this people, or even search in the web to find out the most recent products in the market nowadays. Full description and specification easily obtained from the website, and that makes the most of it.

Window blinds are the most in demand at the moment, instead of opting for the normal curtains in most of the schools and residentials projects. In my personal opinion, window blinds seem to be far more attractive and modern looking than the normal curtains. Somehow, I think it has the aesthetic values added when you installed these blinds than having your windows covered with a piece of cloth, in various colour. It also add professional looking environement, and it just increase the value of one room with the posh looking blinds.

Speaking about window blinds, Hunter Douglas is one of the most respected, top brands for it. It started with the lightweight aluminium window blinds, since the beginning. And now, they have spread their products in various types of window blinds as well as other window coverings. It has been so well known throughtout the United States Contractors to supply and fix the products to the customer with full satisfaction.

The are so worldwide now, as they cater not only for the United States customers, but to Europe, Asia, Australia and basically all around the world.

What would you think about window blinds? Do you have blinds in your own home or you still opt for the classic style of having cloth curtains? It doesn't really matter what you choose, as long as you are fully satisfied with it. But then again, if you are changing the looks of your home, why not opt for a window blinds, perhaps?

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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