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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Part 2 - Gent & Amsterdam

So, there we were... in the Dam! *wink*

It was a good fun! We went from train station, being so foolish, don't know how to get to the hostel, then we got a taxi from the train station! Unfortunately, the hostel was only less than five minutes drive, but the taxi driver charged us fifteen quid! What an arsehole! With the reason, he is the chartered cab! Silly us, we can't really afford to perform such drama, so we just nodded!

We went to the hostel, check in, put the bag in the lockers, and off we went to bed! Was a great four hours sleep, as we woke up again later, and freshen up, and continue our main attraction in Amsterdam! COFFEE SHOP!

Did you know that it is legal to smoke joints in Amsterdam? *grins* So, we went to one after another coffee shop with big grins, and walk around the city! We were giggling now and then, as we were too high with the 'legal cannabis!'

We just walked around the city, with loads of shops aligns on the street. Then we even went to the Red Light District! There were girls displayed behind the windows. Tapping the windows when everytime guys passed by. Like promoting themselves. Ah, prostitution is legal as well in Amsterdam. It's like the classic way of purchasing a prostitute! But, when we walked pass through, and because of too high, we were giggling along the way, we can't deny that we got few angry stares from this girls! It was hilarious.

We keep on doing the same thing for three days and two nights we were there. It was brilliant! On the last day in Amsterdam, we got really really tired and stoned as well! I started to get cough and flu. Been sneezing around. When it was the time to go to the airport, we looked like a zombie, more or less the same! We just on time in the airport, and we basically nearly missed the flight! *giggles*

When we arrived in Dublin airport, things got more worst! We looked completely wrecked! We dragged the bags, and pass the custom / immigration when the lady is actually stopped us and was asking us where we were flying from. After we told her that we from Amsterdam, she quickly asked us to scan the bags! It was so funny. I thought that we looked really really dreadful that we became so suspicious to look at! Luckily, she didn't ask to search our bags! We did bring back something! *wink*

That's the whole story of the trip! I would want to do it again though. But there is no more music festivals like that, as such in the time being! Plan for next year, probably! I'll put up pictures soon, but it is a dreadful pictures! Even the pictures from I Love Techno! I was just too wrecked to snap a shot! :)

Good night!

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