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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Part 1 - Gent & Amsterdam

I am back!!! I was here, back in Dublin on Tuesday night, to be exact! But I only have a chance to scribble in today! Pheww!! Loads to tell.

Trip to Gent, Belgium was great! But, we were quite dissapointed with the food price in Belgium! Surprisingly, it was so expensive that we are quite shocked. It is unbelievable! And it is not just about the food. The fare for tram, services, etc. were completely insanely high! However, despite of all that, I still enjoyed I Love Techno. It was brilliant. There were like 35,000 people in a big, huge warehouse that later turned into a gigantic sweat box ever! It started at seven in the evening, and ended at seven the next morning! It was a blast! All my favourite djs were there, and the climax of the event went you were dancing there to the tunes with thousands of people you don't even know, but up to the same rhythm! It was so cool! Met my boyfriend over there with his friends, and him... with a little hat headband on his head! Adorable but sweating madly! We had a good time, seriously... a good time over there! Magnificent!

Then, after the event finished, we went straight back to our bed and breakfast (not with my boyfriend, but with Marta... my little Polish sister!), and packed and tried so hard to stay awake as we have to check out by ten. It was the dreadful event ever! We were so tired, but have to stay alive! So, we managed! Then, we dragged our luggage, a big mess inside, to the nearest tram station to get to the train station to Amsterdam!

Trust me on this! It was dreadful! I mean, it's killing us! Looking zombie-ish with two bags, followoing us behind! We got the tickets, but soon we realized that we have to change a train somewhere in Antwerp! More disastrous! How could you ever stay awake in this kind of situation?! We were holding up the eyes, badly... just to stay awake! Ah, not to mention that we looked completely, totally unattractive at all! Ha ha ha...

Changed the train, and got a two hours train to Amsterdam! Marta just couldn't had her eyes open no more, so she felt asleep. It was only me who tried to stay awake until we got to Amsterdam! Funnily enough, I just didn't know what I was thinking, suddenly when it was supposed to be another hour to Amsterdam, I woke Marta up and told her, we are in Amsterdam. We dragged the bag and jumped out from the station. Somehow, Marta got the courage to ask this lady in the station, only to find out that it was only Rotterdam! It was hillarious! As we have to get our asses back to the train to continue another hour journey!

To be continued. Stay tuned. *wink*

2 twirls with baby:

Daddy Papersurfer on November 22, 2008 at 5:47 AM said...

Very pleased you had a great time ..... but it sounds exhausting ..... oh to be young again [actually I could never do all that when I was your age anyway - you must be tough!!!]

John C on November 22, 2008 at 11:28 PM said...

He lies, Baby. He was a stud.

Glad you had a good time galavanting and grinding, and while you may feel non-girlish and exhausted at the moment...I'm pretty sure you caught the eye of a number of guys you passed by.

Oh...you're in Europe, so you definately turned some women's glances too. lol.

You need to put up a playlist of good music for the rest of us older folk who can't get out as much anymore. (That happens when...oops, can't say, it's an old geezer thing...DP'll vouch)


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