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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That Was It?

It has been a while since I post anything in here. Well, there is a small news to be told. :( I didn't get the job in the soap shop. I failed.

I got a call on Saturday, which was of course a bad news. Since they told me that they will ring me on Friday to let me know whether I got the job or not. And of course, I have been waiting like a complete idiot, the whole day of Friday, until it was at 8pm when I gave up. They never ring me on Friday!

Luckily, I have such a wonderful boyfriend, who brought me to Eddie Rockets, and 'pampered' me with all the yummy food just to make sure that I am okay and not to be pissed about it. It was a great fun though, as I got to order everything that I want, and it is all on him! :)

And since then, I have been applying for jobs (even though the not-getting the job vibes, did put me off in applying such jobs!) still. And obviously, no answer until then.

Well, in terms of my volunteering in the charity shop, since they have loads of new volunteers at the moment, I took the chance to take off for a week, (might have ask them for another week, since my exam is just around the corner!), to study and prepare for my exam. They can survive without me! :)

Other than that, I am perfectly healthy and sound. I think. :)

Nothing much to be told I think, and after such a long day today trying to absorb the economics and law notes from college, I think I am allowed to have a break! I might put in some dvd and just loathing away... :)

Talk soon! And have a nice evening, to all! :)

2 twirls with baby:

Daddy Papersurfer on April 30, 2009 at 2:43 AM said...

That's a shame .... still never mind - SOMETHING WILL TURN UP. You're sounding cheery though which is very good ..... *hugs*

shle3pyb4by on April 30, 2009 at 5:31 AM said...

oh God! i hope you're right though! :( xxx


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