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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Whoopsie, What Was It I'm Going To Say Again?

So, here I am. I just finished watching football, Man U vs. Arsenal! Such a good game though.

Oh, I know, I know. It sounded so weird, when it is me who is talking about football... But, I just got so attached to it recently. It was really an accident. :)

There was this one day, I was at my boyfriend's house, and he was busy talking to his friends, and I am too bored to listen at them. After all, it is a guy-talk, which somehow spells as 'BORING'! So then, the tv is on. And there was a football match on, but I can't remember what match was that, but I know it was Man U vs. Fulham. I think it's the Premier League? Well, anyway... it was an active game, and Man U played so well.

Oh okay, I hated football before. I remembered, when I saw my brother was too attached with the tv when the football is on, I always, always and always tell him to "...get a life!!". But then, the game that I watched that day, was an amazing game. Then, suddenly... without thinking, or should I say, I was thinking out loud...? I was basically saying something like... "ah, they are brilliant. I think I like Manchester United!!"

And of course, Mr. Boyfriend over there heard me talking, and he just quoted me back. Haha... and since then, I am 'accidentally attached' to Man U! :)

Ah, you know what...? I am actually forgetting the main thing that I want to say here. Ah well... it always happened. :) Oh God, I actually, truly forgot! Short term memory loss! Haha... probably, next chapter would be it. Therefore, I shall say good night now, and see you soon! *hugs* & *twirl*

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