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Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Little Update!

Hi all! Uhh, it has been a while, hasn't it? Well, honestly speaking, I was too busy! It is true though. What I have been doing, is just came back from work and feels wrecked on the sofa, being so lazy lounging until bedtime. I have been so tired and I mean, super tired!

Standing in the shop and smiling all the time, I think my jaw bones might be stiff after a while. Haha... And worst of all the things, weather has been unbelievably gorgeous this past few days while I was working my ass off in the shop! I am so jealous!! :(

Well, what do I have to say here. Let's see. Weather, checked! Work, checked! Hmm... Oh, my health? I still got that annoying sore throat that I got about two days ago, and to be honest, it is quite annoying. Was it because of the dusts from the shop? I mean, all the bath bombs and bubble bars? Might be possible, isn't it? Hmm... it is really sore especially early in the morning, when I first got up from bed!

Oh, and yesterday one of the girls from the shop gave me a full bag of samples goodies to try out so that I know how they works! From skincare, haircare as well as body care! Phew... and my room, somehow does smells like the shop now, for some reason! Haha... And I can get my discounts after I have been employed for a month! Can't wait! And, because I am working there at the moment now, and as so you know, the shop does supporting so many good causes, that I somehow feels the urge to do so too! :) I mean, at some point, it does educate me and I have gain knowledge with this too despite of having the sore feet for standing in so long! :)

We are still against animal testing of all the products produce, we have a charity support products and the fact that I just know recently, that all the soaps in the shop is palm-free soap base, so we can avoid using palm oil! Instead, we are using coconut and sunflower oil. Main reason, is to stop ravaging the Indonesian rainforest to plant palm trees, destroying the biodiversity and making little Indonesia the biggest CO2 is not something we want to help with! And the fact that the in-house activist have set up A.S.A.P (Actively Seeking Alternative to Palm) to ecourage other companies to follow, is so over-whelming! :)

Uhh, enough about all those. I guess you got what I meant now? :) Hmm, time passes by so quickly. It's nearly ten now. So, feel free to browse through the good deeds, and maybe you should start shop at my shop now for stuff? :) Take care and talk soon! :)

P/S: Uhh, forgot the main one, when we did this week! We are also supporting Climate Rush! Here is a little video of what is done in Liverpool recently, and we had the same one too in Dublin, but I do not have videos on that one. :) Enjoy!

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Daddy Papersurfer on June 1, 2009 at 3:29 PM said...

All these good causes ..... and smiling as well ..... no wonder you're knackered.

Do what I do, have a little lie down and a snooze whenever you can ....


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