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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pain In The Arse!

I have an extremely pain in my arse!!

Okay, so it is not a good opening sentence for a post. But, I don't care! Haha... I mean, this is what I am going to actually write about! It is. :)

Last night, I went to a friend's house, as she is having a birthday party of her own. So, we went there. And it was such a good night, I mean... I got the chance to see most of my friends there. So, it was brilliant.

Then, as the normal birthday party, there will always be a cake-fight-sort-of-thing... And, at first I thought I was safe enough, as I stood quite far from the cake-war crowd, but then at the end, they managed to get my face slapped with creams too! Haha... so much of the effort, trying to stay away from them ones! :)

Everything went well, until at one time, I got really sick. It was strange though. I mean, I used to go out and doing more than just a birthday party. I used to really stayed up and drinking and I am still fine. But then again, probably it has been a while since I have done any of this nowadays, I got really really sick. But that is still fine. I mean, it is normal to sometimes to get sick.

So, we decided to go and get some air in the back door... through the kitchen. So, I went there first. And, I don't really remember what happened, but what I really noticed, its just that I am already on the kitchen floor, on my butt!! I had a serious, hard drop fall!! And it was really sore. So, so and so extremely painful!! I fell on the kitchen floor!! It was so slippery, and I have no clue beforehand, as I stepped into the kitchen, and ... BAM!!!

So, at the end, with me being sick... plus the fall incident, there is no other things that I favour the most, but to go home and sleep. Thank God I have my boyfriend with me, and then he brought me home and said bye to all on my behalf, as I was actually sitting on the staircase, just wanting to go home. It was really sore, and I am not really in the mood of partying anymore...

And now, I am sitting in my arse, still feeling the soreness, and I wonder is it, by any chance affecting my tail bone? Should I really go to the hospital and have it checked? But now, it's not just the arse that is so painful, but the whole body itself is sore. God... Will I always be as clumsy as I am, all the time? Sigh.

It is sore, really, really SORE!!!


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