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Monday, June 15, 2009


Hi... I am still awake! :(

The gum or wisdom teeth thing, or whatever you want to call it is still annoys me badly! I mean, seriously.

I was at work yesterday as well as today, therefore I don't really got the

chance to go to the dentist, or any GP at all. Plus, it's weekends. Nothing is in service!! Not even the pharmacy. I mean, they are open earlier, but usually they close at 9ish or something like that. But I was working till 7ish. Nearly 8. And somehow, all the pharmacy is closed already. :( I was about to get some painkillers! Two days ago, I got an anti-inflammatory from my housemate. It does the work though. It reduced the pain, but at every 4 hours interval! Last night, I actually woke up at 3 in the morning, as the pain is so unbearable, that it woke me up! And I had to take one more before went to bed! Madness!!

I am definitely going to a dentist tomorrow. I have off day tomorrow and Tuesday, so I have to go to the dentist tomorrow! But, I don't think I want to pull out the teeth out! I was browsing through the net, and most of all the articles and health board notices that I have read were saying that it is not necessary to pull it out. As pulling the teeth out, (to some people...) it might cause another infections and sometimes, it took nearly a week to recover of the pain and the swollen looking face! :( I am not going to have a swollen face on my birthday!!! :(
Uhh, so depressing!!

I am so going to the dentist tomorrow!! Please God, hope he/she wouldn't suggest to pull it out! :( I am actually scared!!! (This occurs as few years back, I had obediently went to dentist every once a month for two years, and it is not a nice visit at all!! I was wearing a braces back then, and trust me, it is one of the least favourable event I would ever do it again!)

Okay, the good news is... I think I am falling in love! Not with a person, but with a phone!! I was browsing through the net, and I saw this new ad about this new phone from Nokia... It is amazing!! I want it, I want it!!! Badly!!

But, I know I would not even got a closer chance to have it. It is impossible! I have to work, maybe every hour of the opening hours of my shop, maybe I can afford it? Uhh, its not really a good news isn't it? Tell me what you think! :)

I want to try to go to sleep now. Talk soon! :) xxx

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