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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Drama?

Okay... terrible, terrible news! :(

First, dentist visit? Well, went to the dentist earlier this morning, and got a prescription of antibiotics 400mg doses!! And to be taken for 4 days. Nothing can be done to the swollen gum, as it is really really swollen!

My birthday treat from my boyfriend? Oh well, he is being soooo nice, as he bought me a ticket to see Prodigy in Slane Castle, on this coming Saturday. Okay, yup! It's true. I am working this Saturday... but two days earlier I got someone to cover for me, on both days... Saturday and Sunday. So, it is perfect, is it not?

NO! They rang me just now, to let me know that the person to replace me is in no position to have any shifts in the shop anymore, so basically I am fucked! I am though! Today is Monday, how could I find anyone to cover for me in such a short notice? Aaaaaa.... And they even put me to work on my birthday too. I am stress right now. Say whatever you want, but I am... :(

Oh, and as always... I am in a big mess. Seriously... Hope something good come up!

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