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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Peanut In A Matchbox

Have you ever eaten a packet of peanuts? Have you ever used a match from a matchbox? What would you say if you see a peanut in a matchbox? How would you feel if you are the peanut in the matchbox? Feeling odd? Out of place?

Yes. I believe so. I am feeling exactly the same. I do feel like a peanut in a matchbox just knowing the fact that I am heading home soon. It scares me to actually be in a position of a peanut in a matchbox. The journey home would soon be like the peanut’s expedition en route for the matchbox world.

Clearly, there will be no peanuts around, but there will only be one match, two matches, three matches and many matches. There might be a match or two, which were known as a peanut before, but things changed. And they are all gone. The peanut will be so alone and undoubtedly, on its own! Pity the peanut, but life must go on.

It will be a new passage of life, for the peanut of course. But it will not be easy on the peanut. It is a big challenge. It is as if like going to school for the first time, which involved making new friends, adapting to the new environment, to be accepted as who you are – especially when you are unmistakably different from the rest of the crew!! Peanuts are not matches. Not in any way, and this will make it harder.

Huh. Let’s just hope the peanut will succeed. But still, I do feel like a peanut in a matchbox. Now it is only the beginning, but once the time is here when I ought to jump onto that plane… then the tale of being a peanut in a matchbox begins.

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John C on April 26, 2010 at 3:46 AM said...

I am trying VERY hard to keep from reading any sexual inuendo into this. *feigns innocent look*


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