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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Tale of Colourful Shoes

One paper down and one more to go, baby! ;)

The exam went well. I think. I mean, I was running out of time. It's always a good sign when you don't have enough time to fill in your answer book, isn't it? Unless the book is filled with my own yet another crappy ideas on inflation, land use and construction employment? Oh dear. Let's just not dwell on the past, shall we? ;)

On my way home, I walked passed the shops. Many colourful shops stocked with people. Many colourful people, shop. I just walked quickly, not to pay any attention to the others. Eyes on the ground and just wish that I have longer legs so that I will have wider steps, that I can be home quickly. I feel a bit groggy, perhaps I am still unwell? (Oh yes, but I got myself the sinus-congestion tablets on my way home.)

Then I saw shoes. Many shoes. Colourful shoes. A pair of shoes walking - alone, eh? Two pairs of shoes walking together - a happy couple? Or perhaps, two friends? Or maybe, mother and daughter? Many pairs - group of friends? Or perhaps, a double date? ;)

You won't know the truth until you look up and see it yourself. :)

"Never assume the obvious is true"
William Safire

It was a good game. :)

Well, people. I have to get back to the books now.
Have a good evening, everyone. *twirl sedately*

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