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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Photo-courtesy from Leonard Cillio

So, I saw him again! :)

It's like my wish has been granted. But nope. No talking. I just saw him from afar.

So, I had drinks with my colleagues right after work before I head home. It's a long day this morning, since we had to go for a site visit. A site visit for a 60-ish floors building. But I think, they are only in the process of finishing off the 52nd floor? Something like that. Or so. But we had to go 20 floors down, then hike 2 floors up. And with all the exercise we had, (so I felt) I was crushed! I had massive headaches and muscle pains. Speaking of which, that might be from the walking I had with my heels before I put on my safety boots when we reached at the site!

Well, so we thought drinks after work would suit just fine. So, we went.

I was chit chatting with my friend, when suddenly I saw a very familiar face entering the 'mamak' shop we had our drinks at. It was him. And for some reason, I suddenly felt there were many butterflies in my tummy. Like, it was unreal! :) Haha... Maybe it was not that bad, but seriously... I think I have a huge crush on him! Like, seriously. I mean, SERIOUSLY!

I hope there will be some conversation involves next time I see him. ;)

Until then, good night.

P/S: I might be hoping for something that will never ever happen, but hey there's no harm in believing that everything happens for a reason? ;)

2 twirls with baby:

wani ezryl * on April 20, 2011 at 11:40 PM said...

it can happen, believe it ^^v
next time you see him, say hi!! ;)

shle3pyb4by on April 21, 2011 at 1:50 AM said...

oh dear! that would be the scariest thing ever! haha... but i saw him again today, and its getting interesting by day! scary!! xxx


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