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Thursday, April 21, 2011

When Eyes Meet

Okay, two days in a row? For real? I can't help it, but grin all night long! :)

So, at first I thought he doesn't exist? Maybe I was imagining things? Haha... Since I didn't even see him (for quite a while), after the meet up in the lift? Then, I saw him yesterday evening, but I thought that was it. There is no possible way, I mean... NO POSSIBLE WAY that I will, eventually bump into him again or something such? Right?

But, guess what? :)

I saw him again today, and that's not just it!
No. Nope. Not in some other conversation, again. But, I'd say this is far more interesting than the last time. :) Our eyes met! For real! It felt so weird. And I had that funny feeling again. Butterflies in my tummy!

What happened?
He was staring from across the room! And I am definite about this. Or maybe I was imagining things??? Nope! This is for real! I mean, everytime when I looked up, I saw that he was staring. But when I tried to hold the stare, (if he is not intentionally staring across, he'll look away!) but he kept looking! And I am pretty sure there was no one behind me! And we keep on exchanging glares and smiles, while we were talking to our friends! This is insanely wicked! :)

But one thing for sure, he knows that I am interested in him! :)

Oh dear, what will happen next?? We'll see. Good night. x

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