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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday Blues

Hi! So, I am struggling a bit over here since my first exam paper for my postgraduate course will be on this coming Saturday, and hey guess what? I have not even start studying! This is what people refer to as committing suicide... I mean, for real like!

I just finished sorting out my notes for the Land Law subject (after I managed to finish up 1 assignment out of 5 that need to be submitted on the exam day!). We were told by our lecturer that the exam questions topic will not include those done in the presentations and assignments. That should divide half of the notes I have, don't you think so? NOT! I have sorted the notes, and well... there is another mountain piling up next to my pillow here! So, there is no way that I can finish studying those in like, err... 4 days?! I need luck, I think. I really do.

Well, on the greener side of the mountain (what is it about mountains, today eh?), I have a little update on my elevator guy! :)

Photo courtesy of Hameed Shah

So, when we had lunch in the cafetaria, for soooomeee reason... I have made up my mind that I am not going to pursue on liking him anymore. Because, it is like asking your cat to eat carrots? Yeah, like no can do. It's impossible to see him anywhere and you see him when you least expected! He's some sort of like a choc chip cookie, you see. One time he's there, and the other time he is not. Therefore, there is no way of getting to know him at all! So to speak. But, on my way back to the office... of course, in the lift lobby waiting for the elevator to arrive... then there he was! And I tried my very best to not feel anything about it. So, I was just pretending that it is like any other day. No reason to freak out or feels like there is a butterfly farm in your tummy! (I was with a friend, by the way).

In short, we've talked... again! And that means, he remembered me. And it seems like his friend knows something about it too, in a good way! So, it's not like I am the only one who's chasing cars! :)

And that blows away my Monday blues, for the rest of the day!

But one thing that made me think. Why, until up to this very moment... he has not ask for my number yet? What's on my mind is something terribly heart-wrecking, like a) he has a wife, b) he has a fiancée, c) he has a girlfriend, or even worst... d) he's simply not that into me!

Ah well, we'll see. And until then, I need to study as much as I can for my paper on Saturday. So, good night, guys. Speak soon.

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